Verbov V. D 23.04.2014
During your stay with 31.03-23.04.2014. no comments to anyone I was not. All the staff are attentive, educated, respectful and nice! One word-well done! I want to Express my gratitude to the owners for the quality of recruitment. Special thanks Emin, Natasha and Christina for their understanding and patience! Thank you very much! With Respect Dean of advanced training faculty of the Rostov branch of Russian customs Academy, Honorary worker of higher professional education of Russia, the USSR inventor, Professor: Verbov V. D. Rostov(23.04.2014)
Veterans of the Moscow region 16.05.2019
We are grateful to the administration of the "TES-Hotel" for the attentive and friendly welcome and care for the elderly. Clean and tidy! Care of the guests! Thanks to the restaurant staff for the delicious food. Congratulations to all the staff 75летней anniversary of the liberation of Crimea from fascist invaders! We wish you continued success and all the best!!!
Denis Murashov 11.12.2019
Thank you very much "TES-Hotel". Excellent service,clean rooms. Business trip was just great!!! Will definitely come back here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P. S. be Sure to show this record to your beloved daughter.Lera love you madly,dad!!!